In the American Theatre Critics Association, we understand everyone has a different cultural identity which determines how they view the world. This cultural identity does not go away when a professional critic enters the theatre, which is why we are dedicated to the continuing education of our members. We embrace all abilities, ethnicities, gender identities, races, religions and sexualities. People are people first, we just prefer them onstage. 

Diverse Critics List

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee maintains a list of member and non-member theatre critics who identify as a woman, non-white/person of color and/or non-binary. If you are a professional critic who identifies as a woman, non-white/person of color and/or non-binary, and would like to be included on the list, complete this form.


About the Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The mission is of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee is to make ATCA an organization that welcomes critics from a wide range of life experiences and perspectives. We invest in training members in equity, diversity and inclusion in order to critically serve underrepresented communities with culturally competent reviews of their work. This is a long term effort.

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee formed in spring 2018 at the Intersections Summit hosted at Milwaukee Repertory Theatre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are comprised of eight critics and numerous supporters and advisors across the country who share a passion for documenting the important work of our day.


If you have any suggestions, questions or ideas for our committee, email diversity@americantheatrecritics.org. To pitch stories or book an individual critic to serve as a panelist or keynote, please contact the critic directly. 

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